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Move Your IT Applications to Cloud for Complete Business Continuity. Synapse can help

  • - Identify the best Cloud Platform for your IT Infrastructure
  • - Migrate & Setup Your IT Infrastructure on the Cloud Platform
  • - Support Your Business on the the Business Applications on the Cloud

Cloud computing technology solutions allow us to amplify our power as entrepreneurs. Amplify your business potential by working with the right cloud technologies for your company's needs. At Synapse Valuetech, we will help you find and implement the right technology in a way that best fits your business strategy. Our services include cloud consulting services, migration procedures, management, and monitoring of all cloud servers. Contact us today!

Synapse Valuetech has access to multiple cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud. We can map requirements of your existing applications and migrate your applications to the Cloud Platform of choice, replacing individual components with cloud components if required. Cloud Components today, offer a ready and cheaper alternative to existing on-prem application components especially when it comes to Costs and Support.

Web hosting options are available on the market with Linux & Windows web hosting plans available, Which have been created to take care of your specific needs. As we all know, there are countless different types of web hosting services readily available today and it's not always easy to find the one that's right for our purposes.

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