Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement includes One Time or Periodic Review of Design & Programming Practices across the Phases of Product Development.

Ideally done initially during Project, Synapse engages to review the code and programming practices followed by developers and advise of industry followed practices in order to avoid common pitfalls.

Activity involves Review of Application Design laid out and identification of any design level issues that may impact the application after roll out – given the Business Requirements and Functional Specifications

This requires a careful understanding of the number of business users who would access the application at any given point in time and the scalability and robustness. Done before or during the Product Roll Out and helps identify issues relating to Product Responsiveness or Downtime.

Covers Definition of Security Practices and Design and Identification of Loopholes that could be potentially damaging for the customer going forward. Typically done before or while the product is rolled out.

Assisting Customer Users in identification of specific issues and challenges being faced. Study involves establishment of business requirements, design and functional understanding and evaluation of business logic and code deployed for the functional specifications to realize the problem being faced and definition of the solution for the same.

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